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Precious Metals Lease Market

Precious Metals Deposit Lease Program (PMdLP)

Collateral Financing


Bullion Banking

Collateral Financing** of Precious Metals & Bullion Coinage

Alliance provides collateral-based financing on many precious metals, bullion and investment grade bullion coins.   Holders of bullion and investment grade coins can finance up to 95% of the value of their holdings at highly competitive rates. Alliance requires the maintenance of minimum equity participation on financing transactions. Leverage is created when the equity participation is less than the extended value of the initial purchase transaction. Leverage can either work in a customer's favor or to his detriment, and can result in losses far in excess of the initial capital deposited as well as gains of similar magnitude.

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For more information about our Collateralized Financing Program, call 800.452.8676.

**Forward Agreements and/or Collateral-based Financing is only available for non-speculative commercial purposes or where actual physical delivery occurs.

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