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Forward Ageements**

Alliance makes available a wide array of individually Negotiated Forward Agreements, which provide the ability to more accurately construct a Forward Hedging Transaction.   Negotiated Forward Agreements can be utilized to create product specific price protection or to ensure the acquisition or disposal of a particular product on a specific date in the future.

Alliance may require the maintenance of either a "Good Faith" or "Margin" Deposit on Negotiated Forward transactions. Leverage is created when this Deposit is less than the extended value of the transaction. Leverage can work either in a customer's favor or to his detriment, and can result in losses far in excess of the initial capital deposited as well as gains of similar magnitude.

Product Listing

Alliance makes active Negotiated Forward markets in the following:

Other physical commodities upon request

Product Pricing

For pricing information and availability log on to or call 800.452.8676.

**Forward Agreements and/or Collateral-based Financing is only available for non-speculative commercial purposes or where actual physical delivery occurs.

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