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About Us

Alliance Financial, LLC was founded in 1997 to provide Bullion Banking and Principal Market Making services in Physical Precious Metals, in other OTC physical commodities and to conduct proprietary trading in various markets. Since its inception, Alliance has successfully completed over $8 Billion in non-leveraged physical metals transactions.

Alliance's proprietary Internet-based dealing system, TheOTCDesk System (, utilizes state-of-the-art trading technologies to bridge the gap between Over-the-Counter physical commodities and standardized, exchange-traded markets by providing a third alternative. Alliance has developed an extensive Over-the-Counter trading network, consisting of highly capitalized bullion banks, market makers, dealers, refiners, fabricators, producers, processers, money managers and private clients. This broad base of trading partners enables Alliance to provide market making coverage in various commodities and in over 500 precious metals products.

Our customers/counterparts are just a single phone call, or a click of the mouse away from unprecedented access to a wide spectrum of Over-The-Counter precious metals. A trading relationship with Alliance enables our customers and counterparts to trade the Over-the-Counter precious metals markets.

Proprietary Market-Making, Trading and Hedging

Alliance trades for its own account in Physical Precious Metals, for market-making and proprietary trading purposes and to hedge its obligations on physical transactions.


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